Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.54.36 PM (2)Imagine for a moment that you see something on the news about the increased number of home burglaries near your neighborhood. Like most rational people, you consider ways to beef up your home security measures (change the locks, adopt a few guard dogs, dig a moat around your house, etc.). Eventually, you decide to purchase a home security system, hoping it will alleviate some of the stress. But when you go to arm or disarm it, the whole setup feels more like a home anxiety system than anything else: "How many seconds did I have before the alarm calls the police?" "Was I supposed to press the pound key before or after entering my code?" "Why is my alarm still going?? I am NOT a home invader!!"

Thankfully, the days of complicated home security system are nearing an end. With a major Kickstarter campaign scheduled for September 15th, new arrival Angee seeks to make home security as simple as saying, "hello."

What Angee Brings to the Table


Although Angee has not officially released its home security system for sale, the 18-month-old company has big plans to bring home security into a smart, voice-controlled 2015.

Voice Commands

Chances are you've probably already heard about or used voice-control software on your smartphone or home automation system. In addition to its 360-degree surveillance system and sensors, Angee plans to apply this functionality to home security in a few significant ways:

  • Arm/Disarm: Rather than fumbling through a complicated keypad or remember long numeric passwords, the Angee security system allows the user to simply tell the system to"arm" or "disarm."
  • Passwords: Users can also record unique passwords into the system as a way to authenticate vocal commands.
  • Privacy: And, if users wish to avoid surveillance during private moments, they can ask the system to "turn away" from their location, securing their privacy.
Voice Recognition


Where Angee seeks to separate itself from the competition is its voice recognition technology. Angee's system not only recognizes unique user passwords, but can also determine whether the password is being spoken by a authorized user. Meaning, even if somebody gets a hold of your password, Angee will not disarm unless you tell it too.

Responsive Monitoring

Angee's 360-degree surveillance system responds directly to sounds and motion, meaning cameras will automatically rotate towards any activity happening within the house. Not only is this useful for monitoring, but it can also be adapted for video recording and even teleconferencing should the need arise.

SmartPhone Pairing


In addition to it's voice control features, Angee also pairs with smart devices, meaning once your smart device is within a certain proximity, Angee will not only recognize it, but will also automatically disarm or perform other learned automated commands as you prepare to enter your home.


Angee has promised some exciting developments in the home security field. And while this system is not officially on the market yet, it represents an important shift towards voice-controlled automation that all home security companies will likely be making in the next few years. As always, we here at will keep you updated on the latest from Angee and other home security companies as events unfold. To learn more about Angee and their Kickstarter campaign, you can find them at