Wink Hub To Be Available July 7

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Home automation products continue to come out of the wood work. The market is growing increasingly competitive and Quirky is contributing to the industry.

As reported last month, Quirky's new home automation product, Wink, is coming to fruition.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.21.15 PMAsk the average Joe what "Quirky" is and you will get a strange look. But ask that same Joe what Home Depot is and the reaction will be the opposite. This is why Quirky's Wink product is teaming up with Home Depot to create a line of connected home automation devices.

Coming to Home Depot on July 7, 2014 Wink will be available for $49. The product will also be available on Amazon.

In addition to the Wink Hub, customers can purchase Wink-compatible product and get the hub for just $24.99. If a customer decides to buy more than one Wink product, they will be able to purchase the hub for just 99 cents.

This Hub will work with many popular home improvement products such as Chamberlain (garage doors), Honeywell (thermostat), Rheem (water heaters) and GE (lighting and kitchen appliances).

The Wink hub is not the most "technologically advanced" or "tricked out" home automation system on the market. However, Wink is not trying to appeal to the consumer looking for a cool new gadget to add to their home. It is designed to connect to the various products already in the home making it an easy solution for those who want to add home automation for a reasonable price.

All of these devices will be controlled from within the Wink app so consumers can set up alerts, timers and shortcuts.

The Wink Hub will also have a 24/7 hot line with real human representatives to trouble shoot. For the average consumer this is a simple "smart home" solution with names that are familiar and trusted.

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