Flare Aims To Make Home Security Easy And Intelligent


Flare is BuddyGuard's home security system that they believe is easy to set up and undemanding to maintain.

BuddyGuard branded Flare as "a complete home security system in a single device". The device contains motion detectors, cameras, sensors, sirens, a Wi-Fi chip, and other features. With its standby mode the device will not be monitoring when people are home, but will detect when people vacant the home so that the system can be set to detect intruders. This device is supposed to be incredibly convenient. There is no passcode that needs to be entered upon returning home or when leaving. The device has facial recognition features that automatically switches modes in the different situations.

With no cables (because of the Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities) and the lithium-ion batteries there should be no worry if the power goes out. The device contains many features that would help deter an intruder. Alarms will sound if someone is tampering with the system, the device has human like sounds, and an app that keeps you updated on the security of the home.

If you would like a small, compact device that you can secure your home with, maybe the Flare is for you.

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