Four Incredible Home Security Strategies

Movies portray burglars as savvy, skilled individuals able to illegally enter any premise. Fortunately movie stereotypes are not a fair representation of reality. Most burglars are amateurs looking for a quick buck and will do whatever is easiest to obtain said buck. Even moderately skilled thieves are only willing to spend a limited amount of time to gain entrance.

Stan Wasilik, home security expert, suggests good home security measures seek to obtain one of four primary goals:

  • Make illegal entry more difficult
  • Make illegal entry more risky
  • Provide early warning of an illegal entry or attempt
  • Make illegal entry less rewarding

Make illegal entry more difficult

Over 30% if illegal entries are unforced. Thieves want the path of least resistance which means they look for open doors, unlocked doors, keys under doormats, and open windows. Your goal should be to make it hard enough to break in so most burglars will either lack the skills or tools too enter, or will decide your home isn't worth the effort. Good locks on doors and windows are a simple way to implement this strategy.

Make illegal entry more risky

Criminals are like greased pigs - they don't want to be caught. Your primary goal with this strategy is to increase the risk of apprehension for potential intruders. Home security systems that are monitored and armed, for example, increase the chance that intruders will be caught. In addition, loud sirens, alarms, and video surveillance also serve to increase the risk of apprehension. Most intruders aren't willing to spend more than a few minutes breaking into a home because the risk of being discovered or captured increases exponentially the longer they take.

Provide early warning of an illegal entry or attempt

Intrusion is a seconds game. You and your families safety is paramount and a few seconds of warning that an illegal entry is in progress could mean the difference between safety and peril. Alarm systems with motion detectors provide the means to send early warnings of illegal entries. Even if you're away from home and a burglary is in progress, an alarm system may warn you that it is unsafe to enter the home.

Make illegal entry less rewarding

Most intruders know what they intend to steal before entering a residence. Guns, jewelry, electronics, and cash are all primary targets for most burglars. Don't worry this strategy doesn't require you to throw out your valuables but rather make it more difficult for thieves to find such items. If you leave your valuable property in plain view, you advertise the rewards that lie within your home.

Remember these strategies revolve around big pictures. The details and how they are executed are completely up to you and your family. By implementing one of the aforementioned strategies you'll provide an added sense of peace and security within your abode.