Free Ways to Keep Burglars Away

There are small, everyday things we can do to make our home safer 24/7 that we just don't do. Burglars are attracted to easy targeted houses that don't things such as turn outside lights on. If you're tight on a budget and still want to take action to make your home a safer place for you and your family, there are some key things to do and remember. Test and see what you know about free ways of home security!

Inside Your Home

  • Lock your deadbolt, not only the pushbutton lock
  • Put poles or wooden planks in the door tracks
  • Don't leave your garage door open or lock the garage door to your house
  • Lock all windows when you close them
  • Make sure your door hinges hang inside your home instead of outside

Outside Your Home

  • Don't let your newspapers or mailbox stack up while you are out of town
  • Lock your outside shed
  • Keep ladders or other equipment you can climb on inside a secure place
  • Trim the bushes so burglars don't have easy places to hide
  • Keep outside light on throughout the night or get a motion sensor light
  • Provide lights at all entries of the house, not just the front door
  • Hide your spare key in an uncommon place, not under a mat or in a mailbox