Frontpoint Unveils New Brand and User-Friendly Website

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The brand refresh better positions the home security company Frontpoint to compete in an increasingly crowded market place.

Frontpoint continues to raise the bar with their dedication to the customer experience. With a new logo, color scheme and fully integrated website that provides product and shopping information Frontpoint is hoping to stand out.

The mission of Frontpoint is to remove all of the hassle and complexity in home security shopping and bring the world security that it can trust and feel good about.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.31.14 PM"From the beginning, Frontpoint has been dedicated to offering the best customer service and experience in the industry," said C0-Founder and CEO Chris Villar. "Our new brand shows the world who we've always been: refreshing, vibrant and approachable. It may look like a big change for us, but it's actually more aligned with the type of experience we provide our customers every day."

The "listen-first" approach offers helpful guidance to find the right solution and empower the customer. Frontpoint has the highest customer satisfaction reviews within the industry to prove it.

"Buying home security can be difficult and technical, but we've always focused on simplifying the customer's experience," stated Vice President of Brand Kevin Bish. "We want our customers to feel good about choosing Frontpoint. This refresh combined with a more user-friendly online experience, puts the customer's needs first, which has been a part of our business since its inception."

Since 2007, when Frontpoint was founded it has brought clarity and reliability through trusted and customized solutions to meet each customer's needs and deliver best-in-class customer service.

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