Frontpoint's New Brand

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.21.26 PM (BHSC) recently verified and published the 100th real customer review of the Frontpoint home security service.

Frontpoint is a home security provider that has been in business for seven years now and has already made a huge impact in the home security industry. Their attention to the individual customers has set them apart and earned them a positive reputation amongst their clients.

"The BHSC review team puts each review that comes in through an extensive verification process to determine whether or not it is from a real customer of that specific companies," Carlie McKeon, BHSC PR Director, stated. "Frontpoint has done a great job of taking are of their customers, which has resulted in over 100 real user reviews being published on their profile."

Out of the 109 published Frontpoint reviews, 75 of them included a glowing "10" numerical score out of a 0-10 scoring range. Only 14 of those reviews received a score of 5 or lower. The overall user score is an 8.5.

"The majority of the user review comments note the efficiency of Frontpoint services and highlight their focus on customer support," McKeon said. "It just goes to show that they care about their customer's experience with them."

Reaching over 100 real customer reviews on an individual company's profile is now small task. In addition, Frontpoint has done it while also receiving high scores from their current customers.

To view the Frontpoint profile and see real user reviews, visit BHSC.

Real Customer Reviews

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