Google Creates Home Automation System

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The US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Google this week.

In the application Google notes the problem they want to solve. Most garage doors are not capable of being opened or closed from far away. Google's invention covers methods and devices for remote monitoring and controlling a door, such as a garage door.

The invention may obtain a state of the door from a position sensor located within a removable device, which may be attached to the door. The state of the door may include whether the door is open or closed.

The intention is that a user will be able to send a command to a wireless transmitter located within the device to change the state of the door. According to Google, the device sending the command could be a smartphone, tablet, ultraportable computer, notebook and other media devices.

A wireless transmitter may be configured to receive a command from the user to change the sate of the door. The device may also include an attachment mechanism for attaching it to the door.

The removable device will be very small and inconspicuous. A second wireless transmitter may be configured to send a signal to a door control mechanism, such as a garage door opener, to change the state of the door.

The focus of the Google invention is the smart garage door for a home automation system. For example, if a device indicates the door is open after a time period designated by the user, the home automation system may send a command to close the door automatically. Or the home automation system may track the presence or absence of one or more automobiles used by a family.

If a garage door is open when all the automobiles are present in the garage the home automation system may send a command to close the garage door automatically. The automation system may be configured to control the sate of a door according to any parameters set by the user of the system.

Google's invention may be able to work with existing garage door openers that are already in place.

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