Harmony Living To Launch Logitech Into Home Automation Industry

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The increasing popularity of home automation (HA) as fueled the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, however, this has resulted in a very fragmented ecosystem with interoperability the major concern. This current situation makes the market ripe for someone to come in with a HA gateway.

Many vendors such as Lowes, with Iris, and Staples, with Staples Connect, and lastly Securifi with Almond+product have made plays for the market share. But the ability to operate with other HA devices is still elusive. Logitech is hoping to fill that void with today's Harmony Living Home launch.

Logitech's Harmony lineup is very well respected in the universal remote control market. The ability of a single remote hub device to control multiple home entertainment devices coupled with one touch control and simple setup has been well received by the consumers.

In fact, Harmony's database of over 20oK devices is unparalleled in the industry. The scope of the Harmony lineup didn't go beyond control of entertainment devices in the living room but the next step into HA seems quite obvious.

The Harmony apps can work over the internet, true remote control of various devices in one's home from anywhere on the internet is now possible. There are three Harmony packages.

1. Hub alone for $100. Use the full functionality with just the mobile app. Scenes can be programmed involving multiple devices from different vendors.

2. Harmony Home Control $150, this kit bundles a button only remote with the hub described above.

3. Harmony Ultimate Home $350, includes the hub, color touchscreen, gesture control and up to 15 entertainment devices.

The launch of the Harmony Living Home lineup looks to be just what the home automation market needs. If Logitech can replicate their success with home entertainment control in this space it solves a very important problem for the consumers and will allow consumers to invest in home automation without the risk of a fragmented experience.

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