Has Your House Been Robbed? Here Is Your Immediate Action Plan


Home security is one of the most important issues we deal with nowadays when it comes to protecting our families and our valuables. If you have recently experienced a robbery in your home, there are some actions you need to take as soon as possible to secure yourself, your identity and your family. You may be feeling shocked and victimized right now, but it is essential that you take immediate action to get you back on the path of safety and security within your home. Here is your immediate action plan after your home has been broken into.

Dial 911 on Your Phone

First things first. Call the police immediately by dialing 911. This is the first action you need to take when you discover that your home has been broken into and robbed. By notifying the authorities, you have already taken a step towards securing the safety of your family and home.

Do Not Touch Anything

When you have entered your home and you discover that you have been the victim of a robbery, stop in your tracks. Do not touch anything. Do not walk further into the home or any rooms. Instead, call the police. The reason why you need to stop where you are is because, number one, the intruder may still be in the home and you do not want to subject yourself to any danger, and number two, the police need evidence of a break in. If you touch items or move anything, you may mess up fingerprints, evidence and more. Avoid touching anything at all costs.

Make a List of Your Valuables and Sketch Items for Clarification

It is helpful to the police if you have a list of valuables and their location. Allow the police to look through your list and try to locate these items. They can complete all robbery protocols and procedures and try to find your precious valuables. When you need to, sketch and draw items for further clarity.

Get on the Phone and Start Canceling

It is extremely important to get on the phone right away and cancel checkbooks, credit cards and anything else that could be used against you. Sometimes robbers not only take your money, but also cards and documents that are within the personal identity area. This can be just as dangerous as having your money stolen. Make a list of everything you have that is related to your personal identity and talk to all of your government ID providers.

Calm Down and Reach Out

Many times when people have their homes robbed, they feel victimized in all sorts of ways. They may feel as though they cannot trust anyone. They may feel extremely vulnerable or they may feel intense fear and may not want to be alone in the same house that was robbed. If you have been robbed, talk to the police about support groups or any help that can be offered to you and your family. Everyone experiences a robbery differently, so give your family the chance to heal by reaching out for help.

In time, your family will heal and feel safe and secure once more. Being robbed is a horrible experience to go through, but the most important thing is that no one was hurt during the event. Keep your family safe, install an alarm system and always have a plan set out for these types of emergencies.

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