Home Automation and Home Security Offered by AT&T Digital Life

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The AT&T Digital Life service has been commonly misunderstood as strictly AT&T's home security department, but they also offer "smart home" or automation services in addition to the security option.

BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com (BHSC) reviews home security companies and has found that consumers are misguided when it comes to what AT&T Digital Life actually offers.

"Consumers can order just home security from AT&T Digital Life, but there are other options available to upgrade your system," Carlie McKeon, BHSC PR Director, said. "AT&T Digital Life also includes an automation system that will include access and control from your mobile devices."

For consumers who just want a home security system, AT&T requires you sign a 2-year contract. Up-front costs come out to $149.99 and monthly monitoring charges are $39.99/month.

However, if a consumer wishes to add home automation (to turn their home into a "smart home), up-front costs come out to $299.97 and monthly monitoring charges are increased to $54.97. A 2-year contract is also required with this service.

"Consumers interested in purchasing a home automation system should research and find the right system for their home," McKeon stated. "The AT&T system is easy-to-use, but looking into system and service requirements is advised."

The BHSC experts have researched and analyzed the AT&T Digital Life services.

To learn more and read real customer reviews, visit AT&T's profile on BHSC.

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