Home Invaders Beat Woman On Camera, Plead Not Guilty


OK, yes, everyone in the country has seen this large man, captured on a hidden nanny cam, continually pummel a mom in her living room in front of her crying kid. But of course, he didn't do it. He pleaded not guilty. Because that's what you do when every major media broadcasts a video of you mercilessly tossing a woman down the stairs.

If you missed it, a New Jersey mom and her three-year-old were watching cartoons when a man simply walked into her home (because apparently the doors weren't locked and there appeared to be no alarm in use in the home) and proceeded to steal stuff. When she heard a noise, she went into the kitchen. He can be seen in the video pushing her through a doorway onto the floor, then beating her senselessly.

Then-after she was all beaten down-he headed upstairs to steal more stuff. Then he kept coming downstairs to punch her a few more times before he finally tossed her down the basement stairs. Meanwhile, her three-year-old was sitting on the couch, watching in horror.

The woman got a concussion, lots of bruises, broken teeth and cuts on her face that required stitches. She was knocked unconscious when tossed down the stairs...then when she woke up she called the police.

The Boston Globe reported Essex County chief assistant prosecutor Thomas Fennelly saying, ''We believe it was his intent to kill the mother." Another prosecutor, Carolyn Murray, stated she does not know why the camera was taping while the mother was home with the children, but more and more people are employing this type of technology in their homes: ''The video is very helpful and increasingly there is video evidence. People in the community who are inclined to do criminal acts should probably be aware that it's often a help for us; the video shows what violent crime looks like.''

I totally agree. Video is the single best tool for home security to identify criminals in the act, and a significant help in capturing them. It's also a great prevention tool and should be backed up with signage as a layer of protection alerting criminals to its use.


  • Lock your doors.
  • Install and turn on your home security system during the day.
  • Get a German shepherd.
  • Install signage saying, "Beware of Dog" and "This Home is Alarmed."
  • Take a self-defense course.