Home Security Scam


Angelina Rizzo from Surprise Arizona was surprised when she was being scammed by a would be door-to-door salesman.

Investigators were called to a home on Cottonwood Street by Angelina when she became suspicious of a man at her door. The door bell rang and Angelina's 16 year old son answered the door.

The man started asking the young man a bunch of questions seeming to want information about the home. When Angelina took notice the man started to move further down the walkway away from the home.

When Angelina asked him about what he was trying to sell he was nervous and said with a sarcastic straight face that he was trying to sell her son drugs, she closed the door at that point and called the police.

Come to find out their were many others in her community that had similar experiences with would be sales men just to have them come back and rob them later. Angelina went on to her community FaceBook page and told about her experience.

"When we see a stranger, somebody that doesn't look right, we warn each other... and make sure everyone is aware of what's going on in the community," said Rizzo.

Hour earlier an alert was sent out by the Police of Surprise about door-to-door scams reminding residents to stay alert and remain vigilant at all times. Being good neighbors and communicating with each other is one of the best home security systems you can get.


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