Home Security System – Make Burglars Think Twice before Intruding into your Home

If you think you don't need home security, look at these latest statistics from FBI. In 2012, property crimes resulted in losses estimated at $15.5 billion with larceny-theft accounting for 68.5% of all property crimes reported. 74.5% of burglaries were reported to have occurred at residences. With these startling statistics, investing in home security would probably be a wise decision. The simple fact that you have home security is enough deterrent for burglars who intend to spend less than 60 seconds to break into your home. Home security is not only a protection against burglary but against fire and other emergency situations.

Why a Home Security System is worth the Investment

A recent Rutgers University Study found out that a home security system actually decreases crimes since burglar alarms make your home less attractive to intruders. If the alarm is not immediately disabled by punching the correct code in the keypad, the monitoring center will be notified and eventually the police department. Another reason is reduced home insurance costs. Some insurance companies can cut down the amount of premiums by as much as 15% to 20% with the installation of a sprinkler system and the fire and burglar alarm. Home security makes it less likely that someone will attempt to break into the property and the insurance company will not have to pay for the losses. Peace of mind is the major benefit enjoyed by you and your family if you invest in home security that will also warn you of carbon monoxide exposure and other potential disasters that can cause serious losses and inconvenience.

Practical Security Measures to Complement your Home Security System

The first line of defense is the solid core exterior doors with high quality deadbolts. Sliding glass doors look particularly sophisticated but they are very vulnerable without the proper locks. Forget about keys in secret places like under the flower pots, smart burglars always know where to look. According to the FBI, nearly 1/3 of all burglaries occurred when the intruder simply walked right into an open house. Even the best among the best home security systems won't be able to protect you in such situations. A well-lit home is a deterrent to burglars, so illuminate your home's exteriors when you are away. Add every kind of security reinforcement like security bars, deadbolt locks and peep holes to your entry doors and garage doors.

How much does the Home Security System Costs?

The cost of alarm systems ranges from $30 to $50 for the basic components and monthly monitoring contract. More complex and advanced home security systems costs several thousand dollars with a higher level of service that is based on your requirements. Such requirements may include video surveillance, wireless motion sensors, Smartphone-based controls and carbon monoxide detection. Basic components can cover your security needs with additional smoke and heat detectors that may be required by your local building code. The best way to address your security needs is an on-site assessment from the home security system's representative so that you don't have to purchase more than what you actually need. A reputable company will work with you to establish every detail of security and protection for all emergency situations.

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