Homeboy Surveillance Camera Made Affordable

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If you are looking for an IP camera for home security, you may want to look at Homeboy.

It eliminates almost every drawback in security cameras. It doesn't cost a fortune. You will be able to buy one soon without having to contribute to a crowd funding campaign.

The Homeboy is built on the intellectual property developed for the Hive camera that gained same attention but did not hit the market.

Homeboy runs on a rechargeable battery, so you can put it anywhere inside, not weatherized. It delivers some of the most important benefits of a paid monitoring service without having one. It can function as a stand alone device or you can integrate it into your home control system to trigger other devices, such as a light switch.

The Homeboy sends video clips to your smartphone. It can be armed and disarmed using geofencing, so you don't need to remember to activate it every time you leave your house. It's outfitted with basic night vision, motion sensor, a mic, and a built in siren to let intruders know they have been detected.

You can deploy an almost unlimited number of Homeboys at a single location without worrying that you will overwhelm your WiFi router. The camera will operate up to three months on a full charge. The Homeboy captures and sends video clips. It is not designed for remote log in and real time monitoring.

The Homeboy camera spends most of its time in sleep mode, waking only while armed and after it detects motion. When something moves in front of the camera it boots up in just 500 milliseconds to capture the culprit. If you are looking for a nanny cam or to watch your pets this is not it for you.



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