HomeMonitor Indoor Secure Cloud Camera: Y-Cam

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If you want a 'Plug and Play' security system this one may be the one for you.

Y-Cam's HomeMonitor Indoor is a secure home security camera system. It is also secure for your privacy, a feature that is not always easy to find these days with the world of open source and cloud based capabilities.

Set up is incredibly easy. You do not need to pop in a CD to install software or anything. It's all web based. Simply connect the camera to your homes internet router, apply AC power, and then log into the HomeMonitor website to register the device and establish an account.

The website will take you through several steps to communicate with the camera, establish the WiFi networks and help you mount the camera. After set up is complete, if you are using the camera on WiFi, go ahead and disconnect it from the router and place the camera anywhere with AC power access.

The image quality is the best of all the webcams and WiFi home security cameras I have seen. The view is not as wide as Dropcam, but the picture is fantastic. You can set up multiple cameras in the same account, so you can have one on the front porch, back porch and living room.

They can all be monitored on a single webpage for your convenience.  You can not share this image feed with others unless they have your password.

Included with the cost of your camera HomeMonitor provides seven days of archive support, with the archive stored on the company's cloud server. You can access the archive through your camera's registered account, and no subscription required.

After the first 2-3 days of connection hiccups, the system ran smoothly. The HomeMonitor has mobile apps for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, so you can check up on your camera's feeds from your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. You can watch live feeds, view archives and receive mobile alerts of motion detection.

The HomeMonitor Indoor retails for $199.99 and is available through Y-Cam's online store and other major online retailers such as Amazon.

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