Honeywell's Lyric Security System Shakes Up Home Automation

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The Lyric Thermostat is Honeywell's biggest step into the smart connected home system ring.

The company is moving out of the single product realm and building out its vision of a Honeywell powered connected home with the next piece of the Lyric family, the home security system.

It is safe to say that smart and connected home security is the next frontier many companies will tackle.

The Lyric Thermostat is a single piece of hardware but the home security system looks to be a bit more complicated. The main piece is called the "awareness" cameras plus motion, smoke and intruder alarms.

It is assumed that consumers can buy what pieces they want to cover their home needs. The whole system is controlled by a wall mounted touchscreen panel that looks very much like the Honeywell non-Lyric touchscreen thermostats.

Honeywell has not yet shared how all these pieces will work together but supposedly the wall mount will not be the only way to control the system. One other way to control the system will be using voice activation. The home owner can walk into the home and say something like, "Lyric, I'm home," to deactivate the system.

Honeywell also notes that its home security setup will be compatible with the existing Lyric thermostat and will be compatible with other third party products.

There is no word yet on exactly how much the system will cost or when it will be available for purchase. Most importantly, no one is quite sure how all the pieces will work together.

We will see with Honeywell if the smart home is going to get any smarter this year.

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