House Republicans Protect America From Efficient Light Bulbs, Low-Flow Toilets


On Thursday the House passed the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. This bill includes some items that will undo some environmental programs. The vote was passed 253 to 170, despite appearing to be another typical spending bill.

36Many Republicans felt there was duplication of programs and some programs were left out in the interest of higher priority items. The House version of the bill was outlined as follows:

1. Funding for renewable energy programs were cut by $100 million, while boosting funds for fossil fuels and coal.

2. The Department of Energy can no longer enforce the use of energy efficient light bulbs.

3. The Department of Energy will not be allowed to use funding for its climate model development and validation program.

4. Spending to design, implement, administer or carry out specified assessments regarding climate change will not be allowed.

5. "Cash for Crappers", the incentives for swapping out low-efficiency toilets for higher-efficiency toilets will no longer be available.

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