How Do Americans Protect Their Home Without A Home Security System

58a (BHSC) conducted a survey asking Americans who do not use a home security system how they protect their home from intruders. With over 1,000 responders, the survey showed Americans have found a variety of alternative ways to protect their home.

"We were interested in finding out how people, who do not own a home security system, protect their homes from intruders," Carlie McKeon, BHSC PR Director, said.  "We want consumers to be able to effectively protect their home, and if there is a better way to do it, we wanted to know."

thumbnailThe results of the survey were varied, but the most common response was owning a gun. About 15.6% of responders said they own a gun and that is how they protect their home from intruders.

"Many Americans feel that owning a gun is the perfect solution to protecting their home," McKeon explained. "While it may be effective while an individual is at home, having a gun will not do you much good if an intruder breaks in while you are out grocery shopping or on vacation."

The second most common response was "heavy-duty" locks. Locking up your home, and all entrances/exists to your home that can be locked, is something everyone should have. Locks decrease your chances of being broken into. However, locks don't protect every gateway to your home.

"Intruders have found ways to get around locks," McKeon stated. "They can break a window or even a door if necessary. There are just too many ways to get around a lock on a door or window."

Other responses include using dogs (8.4%) to protect from intruders.

"All of these solutions are viable and may be effective in some certain situation," McKeon said. "However, none of them are the complete package."

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