How Does Your State Rank As "Safe"?


Just what is a "safe" U.S. state? A state may be "safe" in that it has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, or the least number of car accidents-yet at the same time, this relatively safe state might have the highest skin cancer rate due to its altitude. Hmmm.

Or it might be the state that gets the most tornadoes or has the most questionable health care quality.

At any rate, safety is always an important element to consider when moving. A report on takes a look at different kinds of safety.

WalletHub identified which of the U.S.'s 50 states and the District of Columbia had the safest environments, and this includes budget-friendly. Twenty key metrics were employed.

There were five categories:

  • Financial safety
  • Road safety
  • Workplace safety
  • Natural disasters
  • Home and community safety

Let's look at workplace safety. This seems like a category that would be largely determined by the employee's choice of employment, such as cutting down trees or roofing work. So even though Connecticut ranked #1 for the fewest workplace fatalities...this doesn't mean that cutting down trees is any safer in Connecticut than it is in North Dakota, which ranked the highest for workplace fatalities.

If you're careless on the job, this reflects you, not the state. The high workplace fatality would be influenced by the number of people in that state who work dangerous jobs, such as logging, oil rigging, truck driving, farming and fisheries.

Road safety, however, seems like it would be more inherent in road conditions than type of people driving. How are the highways and intersections constructed in the five states with the highest vehicular fatalities? They are Montana, West Virginia, Mississippi, South Carolina and South Dakota.


  • Lowest unemployment rate: ND, SD, NB, UT
  • Highest unemployment rate: CA, RI, DC, MS
  • Lowest share of population minus health insurance: MA, HI, MN, DE
  • Highest share of population minus health insurance: WY, FL, AZ, NE
  • Lowest property losses from natural disasters: CA, FL, UT, ND
  • Highest property losses from natural disasters: AL, MO, NJ, KS
  • Fewest vehicular deaths: DC, MA, MN, NJ
  • Most vehicular deaths: SD, SC, MS, WV
  • Lowest number of assaults: MN, VT KY, VA
  • Highest number of assaults: SC, AK, TN, NM

Overall, Massachusetts was voted the safest state to live in. "Massachusetts ranked third overall in community and home safety, and took No. 1 for safety of roads. Massachusetts is also the state with the highest percentage of the population possessing health insurance. Massachusetts boasts few work-related injuries, and the second-fewest fatalities on the road for every 100 million miles driven."

You may know, I'm a Bostonian, so I take full credit for Massachusetts rank, thank you very much.

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