How Home Security 'Slamming' Could Result in Double Billing

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Door-to-door sales have become a problem in the home security industry.

Not only are salesmen using aggressive sales tactics to get people to sign up, they are also posing as competitors in order to steal business.

Salesmen will inevitably whip out crime statistics to "scare" people into purchasing a home security system, even if they aren't who they say they are.

"You don't want to have to be concerned with your family's safety back home," said Phil Angelo an Air Force nurse who has deployed on many occasions.

So to relieve the "worry factor" Angelo bought a home security system from Vivint. Then someone showed up at his door saying they worked for another company, Power Home Technologies, that works locally for Vivint. He told Angelo he just needed to sign a paper so the local company could monitor his system and therefore have a faster respond time. Angelo signed the paper.

"These guys are really just out to make a quick buck and move on," Angelo said.

Vivint does not work with Power Home and does not outsource to that company so Angelo ended up with two security systems and two bills each month.

He asked Action 9 news to check it out. Vivint told Action 9 it deals with this a lot. It's called slamming. Vivint tried to get Power Home to cancel Angelo's contract but could not.

Vivint then offered to pay the extra bills so Angelo would not be stuck paying double. This did not seem fair to Action 9 so they contacted Power Home to question them about its sales tactics.

After almost two years of trying to sort this out, Angelo is down to one security system, one bill each month. Lesson learned.

If someone comes knocking at your door, call your security company, see if it really sent this other company to take over. Slamming is such a big problem, companies like Vivint actually have 'slamming' departments dedicated to combating this problem.

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