How to Protect Shipped Packages

Hi, I'm Robert Siciliano personal and home security expert with today discussing Protecting your shipped packages during the holidays.

During the holidays, thieves will actually follow delivery trucks, snatching the packages that the driver leaves at peoples' front doors. Thieves will also cruise around neighborhoods in search of boxes left at front doors-and steal them.

Here some numerous tips on how to protect packages, that are being sent to you, from theft, and also how to safeguard anything you're sending out.

Get a tracking number from the shipping company.

Require a signature with the delivery.

If you won't be home, have the company leave the package at a local shipping center.

Set up an obvious surveillance camera with your home security system.

If UPS is making the delivery, get onboard with their U.P.S. My Choice program, which sends an e-mail or text message to the customer just prior to packagearrival; it will be rerouted if nobody is home.

Insist that the driver leave the package in an inconspicuous area.

Have the driver leave the package at your apartment's or condo's office.

Retrieve your mail as quickly as possible after delivery.

If you can't retrieve it daily, have a trusted person get it.

And finally Insure any packages you send.

I'm Robert Siciliano personal and home security expert with reminding you that security is a journey, not a destination so keep your head up and be aware out there.

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