How You Help Burglars via Social Media

Studies show that almost 80 percent of burglars use social media to help target their next location . These burglars are using Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Google Street View, Geolocation and more to find out where you are, how long you'll be and what you're doing. This all might seem stalker-status, but YOU are actually willingly helping them answer those questions they are looking for.


Keeping a running countdown of when you're leaving for that once-in-a-lifetime vacation might not be the best idea. You're basically telling a burglar when to come in. If they know you're gone for a week, they can plan to make multiple stops at your house while you're gone.

Posting where you work will give a burglar an idea of how long it will take you to get home after work hours or approximately what time you'll be leaving the house. Also, relationship status can reveal how many people live at home (with roommates, a spouse, have children at home, etc).


A 140-character tweet is enough information for a burglar. One simple tweet of how you are enjoying your favorite restaurant, store or nightclub lets a stranger know they have a couple hours to get to your house before you do.


Checking in to restaurants to get that free appetizer is a really good incentive, but remember that you're letting everyone else know where you are and exactly what time you started your meal. It takes approximately 45 minutes for a table of two to get through a meal, and that's plenty of time for a burglar to get what they want, and maybe even more.


This app may be popular for users to play games similar to treasure hunting or meet people, but it's also popular among burglars who are trying to find your exact location. Geolocation lets other people know where you are currently at and has constant updates when you move. Burglars can use this app to know when you are away from the house and even leave when they see the signal moving back.


Instragram allows users to modify pictures of what they're doing at that moment and share them with friends and followers. Posting pictures while you're still there lets other people know that you're currently out of the house. If you're instagramming pictures of you at a concert with hashtags of #downtown #latenight, you're revealing a lot more information than you thought. Now your burglars know approximately how far you are from home and that you won't be getting back until late that night.

Social Media Safety Infographic Provided By

Social Media Infographic Provided by

We might think social media is all fun, but users are sharing more information than they thought with not only friends, but strangers too. Think twice about what you're posting, tweeting and instagramming because one wrong post can turn into an unintended invitation at your house.