Innovative Home Protection with the Download of an App

large By Gene Wang, CEO of People Power

Using a traditional home security provider isn't a luxury available to everyone thanks to large fees and tedious contracts. But home automation and monitoring has been reinvented. Enter People Power Presence, the free app that turns smart devices into monitoring systems with video, motion detection and alerts. Presence is a lightweight security system that keeps you connected to not only the items you want to protect, but more importantly, the people. Think of Presence as an extension of you, allowing you to keep your eyes and ears at home.

Nearly 25 million old iPhones, iPads and iPods are sitting around homes and offices unused. People Power Presence is an economic way to keep an eye on your loved ones and prized possessions while repurposing technology you spent a lot of money on.

Users in more than 100 countries have found unique ways to make use of the technology, including:

  1. The New Nanny Cam: Kids coming home from camp while you're still at work this summer? Parents who desire to keep an eye on kids or on childcare while away from the home can rely on Presence. The app allows users to engage in two-way audio and visual communication with someone at the camera location.
  2. Protection for Small Business Owners: Motion sensors and alerts makes it possible for any size business owner, but especially those like smaller businesses who lack the budget for a high-end security system, to be at ease after closing.
  3. Pet Watching: Keeping tabs on your pets is easy with the app. If you've been receiving complaints from neighbors about your pets while you're away, check in on them to determine the issue.
  4. Caring for Elderly Loved Ones: If you have a grandparent living in the home, Presence makes communicating with them and visually seeing they are OK possible.

So what's next for Presence?

People Power recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise support for Presence Pro and Presence 2.0. This enhanced version of the app will have features that allow for more efficient and effective real-time monitoring that's still affordable. The first 500 supporters will receive the early bird special of $25 on Presence Pro.

People Power will also be extending the free version of Presence to beyond iOS-based cameras by adding android support, smart plugs, thermostat controls and robotic camera holders. These developments make monitoring easier by being able to simply turn lights on or off, change the temperature or move around the space when no one is around.

Download the current Presence app from the Apple App Store for free.