Is It Safe To Leave Garage Door Open At Night While Running Short Errand?


It was well-past dark outside and Frank, 71, was driving home after a long day of many errands with his wife, also 71. Their mail box is down the street (one of those multi-box units) from their home, and his wife, Dottie, didn't have the key with her.

So Frank pulled up in his driveway and opened the garage door via the remote control button inside the car. Dottie dashed in, and moments later emerged with the key and got back into the car so that he could drive her to the mailbox (he didn't want her walking alone in the dark).

As he was pulling out of the drive, she proceeded to place her finger on the button to close the garage door.

"No no, Dear, don't bother closing it; we're coming right back."

"Are you serious? We can't leave it open!"

"We're just going down the street, so don't close it; it'll save on wear and tear. This is a good neighborhood. You're neurotic."

"I'm closing the door!" She pressed the button.

The odds of some intruder, lurking in the brush and just waiting for a happenstance opportunity, was very small. However, what does it really take to press a button a few times? And this wear and tear thing is baloney.

If Frank had to lift an 80 pound sack over his head 10 times every time he wanted to open and close the garage door, then yes, it's probably not worth closing it just to drive down to the mailbox. But being that we're talking just a simple press with the tip of an index finger...the reward (security) totally gobbles up the effort. So go for it-every time!

And besides...what IF some sick psychopath really IS lurking around, decides to enter the house (their interior door was unlocked, I might add!) and wait for them? It would be the end for them.

The attached garage is often the intruder's favored entrance into a home: the path of least resistance. The burglar or psychopath may not know the homeowner will be gone for "just a few minutes." In his mind, they flat-out forgot to close the door and will be gone for long enough for the intruder to commit a crime. But a few minutes later, they return, startle the intruder, and the intruder freaks out and shoots them.

If criminals have been known to drill holes and smash windows to gain entry through a garage, what's to stop them from simply traipsing into an open garage? A complete home security system means that the garage door has a sensor; the garage has a motion detector; and the homeowners haven't lost their senses.

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