Light Bulb that Acts as a Home Security System

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Look into the light criminals!

This is the philosophy of Sengled, which debuted a smart LED light bulb that also functions as a high resolution camera, microphone, and speaker.

Dubbed Snap, the bulb is meant to function as a subtle home monitoring system that streams a video feed that you can view on your phone or tablet in real time. Though the feedback is delayed from the cloud, there is usually only a five second delay.

The Snap also features voice/motion activation, facial recognition, and geofencing alerts. If an image pops up at your house that Snap does not recognize, it can alert you via its iOS or Android app that there is a stranger around the house. Or if you are making dinner and want to make sure all your kiddos are still in the yard and not straying, you can set an alert for that too.

It is also discreet enough that an intruder won't know to throw a blanket over it or cover it in shaving cream.

Snap joins a family of other highly functional light sources from Sengled, including a bulb that doubles as a wireless speaker, Pulse, and a bulb that doubles as a WiFi repeater for dead spots in your home, Boost.

Snap has yet to be released or priced. Snap should be out for purchase in the summer of 2015 at the latest.


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