Locksmiths Say Deadbolt the Key to Home Security

There are many things you can do to boost home security, such as adding an alarm system or getting a guard dog, but unless you have working deadbolt locks and actually use them, your home isn't secure.

A common deadbolt is a single cylinder which can lock with a key from the outside and by the turn of a knob on the inside.

"Because the locks or deadbolts are not functioning properly or they are inadequate, the intruder is able to kick in the door," said Lance Cronk owner of Metro Locksmith.

There were 1.9 million burglaries in the United States in 2013, resulting in $4.5 billion in property loss. Out of all the burglaries, 59% were the result of forced entry. Residential burglaries accounted for 74% of all burglaries, and a majority occurred during the daytime.

"You should definitely have a deadbolt, and it needs to be a quality one with a hardened steel bolt," said Eric Ball, locksmith. "Typically when someone kicks in a door, it's not the door that breaks, it's the door frame. you should use three inch screws to reinforce the strike plate into the studs of the frame of the house. Even if you have a deadbolt on your door, it won't make a difference if it's not used regularly."

Homeowners should take note that a single cylinder deadbolt can be breached if an entry door has glass panes, because a burglar can break the glass and reach inside to unlatch the deadbolt. A solution is to simply replace the door.

Many exterior doors are designed with security in mind, using reinforced glass or small windows far enough away from the lock to prevent a burglar from reaching in. Avoid hiding a key under the doormat use a secure lock box away from the door.

New homeowners should always change their locks because there is no way to know who has a key.

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