Mother in Hostage Situation uses Pizza App to call 911


Okay, there are a few things to think of with this story. First off, wouldn't it be great if ALL deviant people were as dumb as Cheryl Treadway's boyfriend?

He was holding her and her three kids hostage at her home, but she convinced him to let her use her smartphone to place an order from Pizza Hut via an app. That's when she added in the "comments" section that she was being held hostage and to call 911. He then immediately took the cell phone from her, having no idea what she had just done.

Treadway and Ethan Nickerson had been arguing all day, and he had a large knife. So I guess the second thought is, Don't keep arguing with someone bigger and stronger than you who has a knife.

Hopefully, Treadway-who displayed a much higher level of thinking than most people when she placed that order-is also smart enough not to take this loser back into her life.

The story, at, reports that on May 4 at 3:40 pm in Highlands County, Florida, the order was placed. Treadway had frequently placed orders before, so the message really stood out. The police were contacted and arrived at Treadway's home, being greeted by her while she carried a young child.

It took 20 minutes for Lt. Curtis Ludden to convince Nickerson, 26, to come out from a closed door. It's suspected that he was high on meth. The children and their mother were unharmed.

Nickerson was arrested and charged with the following: aggravated assault with a weapon (no intent to kill), false imprisonment, battery and obstructing justice.

This story is reminiscent of the one in which a woman, trapped in a home with an abusive boyfriend, calls 9-1-1 and pretends to order a pizza. The dispatcher quickly catches on and sends the police to the house, where her drunk boyfriend is arrested.

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