Neoji, New Monitoring Hub, Expected to Increase Efficiency

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The "smart home" is not a new concept. There have been many "smart home" hubs that offer everything from controlling lighting, to heating, to indoor air quality, and even security and water control. However, there are not nearly as many smart home hubs that offer all of those controls from one central device.

Neoji is a smart home hub that is aiming to put all of those functions into one hub device that can be controlled from your Barco lounger or on the go, a claim that some say is maybe a bit too ambitious.

Neoji was developed by a French team currently operating off of a crowd-funding campaign. They plan on bringing their prototype to production. The Neoji team is aiming to create a device complete with built-in movement sensors, microphones, voice recognition technology as well as an algorithm to alert the user on home activity.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 3.51.43 PMHow does Neoji plan on making good on its claims? Neoji says it has learning algorithms that adapt to the normal rhythms and sounds of your home. They say the more you work with Neoji the smarter it becomes, and the more customized it will become to your home.

There will clearly be a learning curve of false alarms as the hub learns more about you and your home. However, false alarms may be a small price to pay for greater assurance that your home will be kept safe.

The hub will also be able to connect to smart thermostats, smart meters, and wireless lightbulbs. This will enable users to control all of these home aspects with one central device.

One hub will be able to monitor one to two rooms, so if you want your whole home to be covered it could get expensive. The entry-level model starts at $299 rising to $399 for more bells and whistles. The more advanced version offers a camera complete with a 180 degree view that can be remotely accessed and checked.

It will be quite a challenge for Neoji to deliver such a feature packed device that is both effective and user friendly but the company says it hopes to ship to backers starting in March of next year.

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