Nest Acquires Revolv

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Revolv was acquired by Nest, not for its Hub, but for its "developer platform."

The deal closed this morning without adding the Revolv home automation to the Nest shelf. The acquisition seems to be primarily based on the Revolv team's expertise in home wireless communications.

The $300 Revolv home automation hub will no longer be available for sale, it was an expensive option that did not sale very well.

"We are not fans of yet another hub that people should have to worry about," said Matt Rogers, Nest founder and VP of engineering. "It's a great team, an unbelievable team. There's a certain amount of expertise in home wireless communications that doesn't exist outside of these 10 people in the world."

Boulder based Revolv, formerly known as Mobiplug, was a graduate of the TechStars startup program and was backed by Foundry Group. Members of the Revolv team, including co-founder Hayley Taylor, had previously worked at Ember, the seminal wireless networking company.

Revolv was one of the first partners for Nest's "Works With Nest" program. Five other partners are being announced today: Ivee, Life360, Pebble, SNUPI Technologies and Rachio.

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