Netatmo's "Welcome" Camera Snaps Photos of Every Face

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Smart home security cameras take a 24/7 streaming video of your home for a set number of days, according to your subscription.

Netatmo is taking a completely different approach.

There are no continuous live video feeds here. "Welcome" detects faces, and when it does it takes a picture of them. Whenever a face enters the room where Welcome is, a photo is taken and a push notification is sent to your phone.

Photos taken by Welcome are stored locally on an SD card, they are not stored on the cloud. When you run out of space you simply take out the card, remove the pictures you don't want and put the card back in. So easy, anyone can do it.

Welcome is face based, meaning it can't take a picture of a rock flying into your window, but it can take a picture of someone if they come in the window after the rock. The Netatmo Welcome is sleek and discreet enough to fit anywhere you want.

It is a smooth cylindrical tube than can be easily hidden on a book shelf between books, or in a potted plant between leaves. The camera has a 130 degree field of view so it can pretty much cover an entire room.

The set up: put Welcome in a room and it will start taking photos of your family and friends. Each new face will be sent to your smart phone as a notification and you can log them into the app so you can decide which photos will not need a notification sent each time it is taken.

The price? Unknown as of now but it is set to be released in the second quarter of 2015.

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