Newspaper Investigation Causes Home Security Change

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The Home Security Shield website was showing a new look Thursday after its officials eliminated all contact information and added a disclaimer saying that the company does not sell home security systems.

Why the change?

Probably because the Times investigated the company and found some questionable business practices.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.10.34 PM" is not a home security provider," the disclaimer written at the bottom of the website now reads. "Rather, is an informative website that evaluates, reviews and may recommend home security companies or features of a home security company."

The above disclaimer was not on the website the day before.

State Rep. Rob Matzie (D-Pa) asked Attorney General Kathleen Kane to investigate the company and its questionable marketing practices.

"I have concerns about their marketing practices," Matzie said. "It's very difficult to find out any information about the validity of the company."

Matzi met with the AG's office about concerns that arose after the company ranked Ambridge the second most dangerous city in Pennsylvania using FBI Uniform Crime Report data from 2012.  Mazie said the police and its mayor are very transparent about the type of crime that occurs.

"They shouldn't be punished for being open," Matzie said. "This ranking affects a town, especially a town that has struggled. The last thing we need is for our reputation to be drug down like that for someone to sell a product. It's my desire to see their marketing tactics not be used. I credit the Times for its dogged journalism and investigative reporting, so much as to formally ask for this investigation."

Home Security Shield did not return numerous calls requesting comment.

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