Now You Can Own Home Security and Pay Less

Your home is the place you go to relax, feel safe and spend time with your family. Whether you own your home or rent, you should be protected. Not all of us are Tom Brady; we cannot have a moat outside our home. However, with modern advancements in wireless technology home security companies are making it more affordable and easier than ever to make sure you're protected, no alligators required.

Wireless Advancements

Once upon a time, in order to have a home security system you would have to have your home wired. A technician would come and place small wires around windows and doorframes. A control box would be installed and wired to your land line. A panic button would be installed so that you could silently contact the security company.

There's An App For That

With the technology we have today, the days of wires and landlines are no more. There are now apps for your home. You can turn on your lights from your office. You can see when your kids get home from school thanks to webcams. You can change a passcode on your keypad moments after the AC repairman leaves the job. Today, your home can be monitored in the cloud.

DIY Home Security

We live in a time when people are taking personal responsibility. Why pay someone for something you can do yourself? Smart home security companies have noticed that DIY isn't something reserved to interior design and craft projects. Home security companies are offering kits which can be set up in a matter of minutes to keep your home safe.

  • Common home security kits will include:
  • Wireless Control Panels
  • Peel and Stick Window and Door Sensors
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Web Cams
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Monitoring Services

Compare DIY Company Services

Only you know what is required to keep your home safe. Your peace of mind can only be determined by you. When looking for the right home security system a company with a DIY installation policy may fit your budget the best because of their $0 installation fee and low monthly monitoring service. Some companies offer monitoring for as low as $30. With this new pricing, everyone can protect their home for less than the price of a daily latte.

Wireless Network Providers

When looking at home security providers you want to find one that has all the right options. For people on the go FrontPoint Security is a wonderful option as you can take the system with you when you move. You do not have to drill holes and make a mess, everything is wireless. The system from this company arrives with free shipping. There are three levels of 24/7 monitoring to choose from which even include email alerts and remote access.

For those with commitment issues, try out SimpliSafe. This no contract company offers wireless service that is monitored over cellular connections. The packages with this company begin as low as $15 a month and they pride themselves on never having hidden fees. You should be protected, not just you home but your wallet too.

Recently LifeShield and Protection 1 have teamed up to offer incredible customer service and protection at a price you will like. The folks here have packages for renters, businesses and homeowners. With their interactive security options you can view what is happening in your home, change access codes from a remote location and even receive updates of crime in your area.

Thanks to upgrades in technology and a DIY spirit, you can be protected more economically and efficiently than ever!