'Porch Pirating' Spikes During Holiday Season

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'Tis the season with millions of dollars in holiday gifts arriving at your front door.

That means crooks are swiping packages off your front porch.

Police say these thefts are a crime of opportunity that spikes during the holiday season. There is even a name for it, 'porch pirating'. In the case of Shahara Anderson-Davis, a thief stole over $230 worth of clothing that had been sent to her home.

"I went up, opened my door," Anderson-Davis said. "I was looking around. Where are my other two packages?"

She knew they were delivered because she had received an email alert earlier in the day. She checked her home security camera that points to the front door. There it was, all on video.

Anderson-Davis saw FedEx drop off one package. Then around 3:18 p.m. UPS dropped off the second package. Less than 40 minutes later you see the thief walk up dressed to look a lot like a delivery person. In the video you see a man come to her porch, open her screen door in broad daylight at 3:56 p.m. and take both of her packages. Then he walks directly out of her backyard into the alley.

It is a common crime during the holidays when Santa is not the only one delivering gifts. Police say sometimes thieves will follow delivery trucks watching and waiting. If a package does not require a signature most companies leave it up to the driver to decide if a package should be left at the door.

If you are not going to be home, police recommend making alternate arrangements with the delivery company or sender. Some shipping companies have the option to deliver to your worksite. You can also arrange to pick up your packages at the delivery company's facility.

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