Protect America to Launch "Home Safe" Initiative To Keep Children Safe

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Almost 4.5 million children between the ages of 1-14 years are injured in their homes every year.

HomeSafe, the home automation system by Protect America, provides parents with the facts and tips that can help them keep their kids safe.

Protect America and interactive door lock brand, Yale Locks & Hardware, have initiated the HomeSafe campaign targeting the "Latchkey Child" to help parents in their efforts to keep the family safe.

HomeSafe is providing information and recommendations to parents to help them keep their kids safe while they are home alone.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 11.45.07 AMFor example, one recommendation made by Protect America is to create an emergency plan with their children which needs to include who to call and where to go during an emergency.

It is also advised that you talk to your child about dangerous situations such as what to do when a stranger is knocking on the door and also have things that are completely "off limits" such as: gas stoves, knives, matches and pool use.

"It would be a perfect world if we could always keep an eye on our children," Scott Fleming, Protect America President and COO, said. "Obviously, parents can't be everywhere, so having a simple plan is truly invaluable. With that in mind, we hope the HomeSafe campaign will provide families with the information they need to have those important discussions."

This campaign will continue to provide parents with the information they need to ensure their child's safety when an adult is not with them.

"We'll always worry about our children, but a frank and open discussion about rules and a clear plan of action will help put parents' minds at ease and make children feel more comfortable when they're home alone," Jason Williams, Yale Residential General Manager Jason said.

A downloadable brochure including checklists, contact information and other tips can be found here.

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