Protect Your Android Device With These 8 Tips


Android's operating system is the most used OS in the smartphone world, which makes it much more susceptible to malware and other hazards. If you use the Android OS, security should be your top priority. Here are 10 tips to keep your device safe:

1 - Avoid Risky Downloads

One way to get infected with malware is to download apps from an unknown source. The only way to ensure apps are malware free is to only download from the official app store, Google Play.

2 - Upgrade to the Latest OS Version

Make sure that your Android OS is at least version 3.something or above, and if your device can handle it, upgrade to the latest version.

3 - Use an Antivirus App

Since there is a lot of malware out there, developers have come up with apps to combat them. Big names that offer antivirus also offer it for free or a small fee for mobiles.

4 - Avoid Unknown Wi-Fi Networks

Any unsecured Wi-Fi network can seem like an easy way to get free Internet, but it could be dangerous. It is very easy to create an imposter Wi-Fi network that hackers can use to access information such as credit card numbers and passwords. At a minimum use a VPN to encrypt all WiFi communications.

5 - Use a lock/locate/wipe app

If your device becomes lost or stolen, you want to make sure you have an app on there that will lock or wipe it completely. Most devices come equipped out of the box with an app that does this. If you lose your phone or it is stolen, install Plan B from the Google Play website. It is one way to locate it.

6 - Give Sensitive Data an Extra Level of Protection

Storing sensitive unencrypted information on any OS is never a good idea, but if you absolutely need to, give your information extra protection with encryption apps.

7 - Beware of SMS Scams

There are several SMS scams out there. They will install apps, execute code and send premium rate SMS texts, all of which cost money.

8 - Lock Your Lock Screen

This is a simple tip, but always put a lock on your device via the lock screen.

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