Quirky Launches Smart Home Automation Product

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Quirky, the New York based startup company, is turning technological theories into actual products, Ben Kaufman, the founder of Quirky, has helped bring tech products to the masses. Now, Quirky is setting their sites on the smart home security industry.

"Quirky is an invention company that's powered by the community, so we've been following the trends they uncover for us," Kaufman explained in an interview with Mashable. "We started to recognize that about 20% of idea submissions had to do with the connected world, and that's when we started to take this really seriously."

Their product, Wink, is making a splash in the mobile home security space. With a "Wink" consumers could control their lights, refrigerators, thermostats etc.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.48.25 AMWith the main component of the Wink system, the hub, the system can interpret different connection languages and work in unison. This means you can buy your thermostat from one company, your refrigerator from another, and your lights from someone else,  yet they can all e connected.  The Wink systems will be able to bring all home functions together and work from one app.

"People might now want to buy a smoke detector from the same company, so it's important for different products from various brands to all work together," Kaufman said. "This is a big step toward that. We want people to have a choice."

On July 7, Wink will announce its first 15 partnerships, which will bring 60 products under one network. The Wink hub will be coming to 2,000 Home Depots in July and Amazon.com in the very near future.

"We don't see Apple as a competitor, but rather, the news helps Wink's strategy and can eventually integrate into HomeKit, Apple's smart home product, to open up another suite of products", Kaufman said. "While some companies might use HomeKit, Bluetooth or ZigBee technology, Wink will make all of that invisible to consumers."

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