Real Estate Agents Feeling the Effects of Security Cameras


An article on refers to a case in which a real estate agent was caught on the home's video surveillance helping herself to some prescription drugs. Couldn't she have gotten her fix from "stealing" some chips or even a bowl of ice cream?

Anyways, the article's author goes on to point out that this incident heightened awareness in the real estate community, as well as client community, about just what a real estate agent might do when they think nobody is watching-including while potential buyers are in the house at the same time but in another room.

The real estate agent typically arrives prior to the showing and gets into the home. Hmmm. Sometimes the homeowner leaves out a dish of candy or cookies, obviously for visitors.

But if an agent is capable of stealing drugs, what else might they steal? These days, more homeowners than ever have video surveillance set up. Agents are becoming increasingly mindful of this-not because they plan on stealing, but because...well gee...who wants to be caught on tape being inappropriate and being recorded?

This theft incident brings to mind the popularity of "nanny cams." We now have "agent cams." But what's a homeowner supposed to do, turn off the video security system on days their house is being shown? They're probably far more concerned about theft from potential buyers, not the agents.

How upset should real estate agents be over the reality that many homes they show will have video surveillance turned on? After all, the agent just might soon be telling a potential buyer, "This lovely home comes with a complete security system, with video surveillance at all key points."

Especially if the property is in a very upscale neighborhood, real estate agents and potential buyers should realize that video cameras, including hidden, are more of a norm in this connected age than an anomaly.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures.

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