Security Concerns with Connected Homes


Everything will be connected, from your car to your cat, your bathroom to your bike.

Sounds convenient, yes?

As more devices become connected to the Web, how safe is our personal security? And where is all that data going and being stored? When you have cameras everywhere including the fridge and bathroom mirror, who can potentially see you, your kids and your entire life? How many Bluetooth and WiFi enabled electronics can we connect to the cloud before we are just putting our personal security at risk? Who is protecting you in this exploding Internet of Things?

All the information generated by these wonderful pieces of smart everything is going somewhere and that means that someone is probably already working on a way to exploit it.

Someone already hacked into an Internet connected baby monitor and used it to scream obscenities into a baby nursery.

"New things are scary, without a doubt," said Keith Shank, Director of Ericsson North America's Advanced Technology Labs. "We're working with other companies to create a truly secure back end cloud concept. The cloud isn't just about storage, it's about making secure connections for everyone and everything around you. How do you find when people have breached it? How do you find what data they've breached? How do you keep that breach from happening again? We have to have the security, we have to have the knowledge of how to fix things. For people to trust new technology, they need to be able to know it's safe and secure for their use."

In the very near future we will see more gadgets using our own faces, eyes, and fingerprints to lock in our security. One debuting soon is Bitdefender's Box.

This small white router looking box keeps a constant eye on the data going into and out of your home and encrypting it so that it is much harder for anyone to steal. It is kind of like a cyber security guard who patrols your digital home 24/7.

With home technology getting smarter every day that means the risks are multiplying daily too.

It is nice to know some companies are trying to keep you and your information safe.

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