Skinny-dipping Wife Used in Distraction Burglary


If you ever decide to break into someone's home, you might want to think about sending your wife in ahead of time to get naked in the homeowner's pool. The ploy seems to have worked for a spell in Tennessee, where a former cop sat for 20 minutes and watched the woman frolic about. reports, "The couple [of burglars], who live nearby, approached [the homeowner], with the wife asking if she could swim in his pool. The wife sent her husband to get her cigarettes, then asked if [the homeowner] would be bothered if she swam naked. Not a problem, he said. 'I went and got her a towel, she dried off and all of a sudden she was soaking wet again,' the homeowner said. 'I escorted her outside and invited her to church, but she said she didn't have time for that, she wasn't ready for that.'"

A woman swims naked in your pool and you invite her to church. What exactly is going on in Tennessee? Church?

While the victim was getting his poolside peep show with the naked woman, the alleged burglar stole almost two grand in ill-gotten jewelry, meds and a gun of sentimental value.

Seems getting a fist full of ones and heading down to the local booty bar would have been a lot more cost effective and much less embarrassing.

I'll bet this happens a lot more often because (a) men, from birth, are wired to gravitate toward naked women and (b) it's hardly reported because what man wants to admit he was robbed by a naked woman? Well...this guy.