Smart Home Security Is the Talk of the Town at CES

Home Security is one of the trending topics at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. You would have a hard time walking the floor at the show without finding a new smart home security camera, lock, or doorbell. It makes sense that home security has an overwhelming presence given that it is projected to be a $47 billion market globally by 2020. Not only are consumers paying more attention to the importance of home security, but technological advances are making home security systems more advanced and affordable than ever before. Security and tech companies alike are looking to ride the home security wave with companies such as Brinks, RCA, and Vivint releasing new products at the show. Brinks introduced the new Array smart lock. RCA released a smart doorbell camera, and Vivint released a neighborhood security app called Streety. Millennials are driving a lot of the growth in the home security market with many purchasing their first homes and demanding connected devices to both secure and enhance their homes. With more millennials purchasing houses and technological advancements on the rise, look for even more growth in the home security market in the coming years.