Technology Improvements for Enhanced Home Security


In order to keep our loved ones and our valuables safe from the hands of strangers, we must take the help of superior security systems. Like every other field, technology is bringing great improvements in home security systems as well. Today, people are increasingly depending on home security systems that are technology driven. Here is a lowdown on the latest innovations in this field which will definitely help you protect your home in a better way.

Camera meets video technology

Advancements in technology have made video monitoring a viable option for most homeowners. Monitoring the entire house or parts of it by installing cameras and streaming the video real time is currently catching up fast in the market.

The cost of video cameras have drastically come down in the last few years which has made it possible for house owners to install such a system at home. The advantage of this type of security system is that the homeowner can keep a watch on the entire house or parts of it and take action immediately if any security issue arises.

There are software available in the market that shoot alerts for events like anyone entering or leaving the house.

The mobile computing devices like laptops and Smartphones allow people to keep a tab on the security of the home even from a remote location. These applications are available with iPhone, Android and Blackberry and often come free of cost.

People who stay away from homes for long hours or have to travel a lot due to business or even who go for long vacations find this security system extremely beneficial.

Security systems with self-monitoring features

The highlight of the modern era is the amalgamation of different technologies. The use of video technology has gone one step ahead with the introduction of self-monitoring security applications. Advanced security systems have been introduced in the market that can notify the homeowner in case the home security system has been triggered. This system is hassle-free, cost effective and convenient. The house owner does not have to bear the monthly cost of monitoring services. Actually it gives more autonomy to the house owner to react to situations and take necessary steps without waiting for the security agency to decide the next course of action.

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Energy savings that guarantee advanced monitoring

The greatest worry that a homeowner faces is threat of burglary when he is away for business or vacation. The modern technology has effectively provided a solution to this problem also. Today you get security systems that not only protect your house from robbers but also work as deterrents. Energy savings is one such feature that can link your air conditioner or television to the security systems. While you are away, you can get the television switched on. If you have accidentally left any device on, you can switch it off also remotely.

With such applications you get three benefits. Your house gets optimum protection and you can make it appear to thieves that you are at home when actually you are either attending a business meet or relaxing on the beach. Add to it the savings you make by putting off appliances that were left on at home.

Geo- location software - a recent addition

Technology has even made it possible to activate an alarm system when the house owner moves beyond a certain distance. This is a comparatively new addition to the current repertoire of home security systems and has been much appreciated. Under this system the house owner can put on the security system through a mobile device.

The introduction of geo-location based security systems has enabled house owners to automatically activate or deactivate security systems depending on their closeness to their residence.

It is also possible to link the geo-location application to multiple mobile devices. This means that more than one member of the house can control the system and this becomes extremely helpful if any one of the members is not available, the security system can be operated by others and thus not compromise with the security of the house.

Wireless security - the future of home security

Setting aside the old technology that the security systems have been using, the wireless technology has moved in much to the respite of the house owners. Most security companies are moving quickly towards a wireless future which will be less invasive but cheaper and faster.

Another advantage of such a technology is that it is capable of providing security to a higher degree than what the alarm systems provide. In fact, it would be easier now to monitor the entire house without any additional cost. This technology also ensures no lapse in service that may result from tampered wires. It is not even required to have landlines at home to install such a system.

The breakthrough in technological advancements only means one thing for the house owners- advanced, cheaper, inclusive and better security for their home. The coverage provided by the current crop of security systems have stretched to a great extent. It has made people capable of monitoring the security from a great distance and can be considered a real revolution in the field of home security systems.

About the Author Anna is a home security expert in Nashville who loves to share her experiences with the rest of the world. She has been associated with the home security industry for the past 5-years.