Teen fights off Attacker in own Home


In San Jose, California, a girl, 13, was walking home from school. Her parents' home surveillance caught everything: the man following her on the sidewalk and street; him entering the house right after her; the assault inside the house.

A report from q13fox.com states that the girl fought off the man. The video shows a struggle, but it's not clear what makes the man suddenly back off and then just stand there, while the girl runs down the short hallway, watching him. After several moments he leaves. She then texted her father that a man tried to rape her.

This was a crime of opportunity. Females (and males) must always have their radar up and the earbuds out of their ears when walking down streets, even a hundred yards from their home. Rapists are cowards and look for the easiest opportunities.

  • Parents, mandate that your children learn self-defense lessons. Adults, sign yourselves up for self-defense classes.
  • A good self-defense/martial arts school will teach students how to always have their radar on so that they can "sense" that someone is following them. They will also learn to frequently look behind them.
  • Self-defense is more than just throwing a good punch. It's all about posture and behavior. A rapist can be scared off if the woman/teen he's following suddenly turns around, stares him hard in the eye and spits on the ground. Though this kind of "posture" is difficult for most teen girls to pull off, self-defense training will teach them how to have intimidating body language.
  • If a rapist has already selected his target, as in the San Jose case, there's nothing the girl could do that would make him want to rape her MORE. His mind is already set. This leaves only one variable to change: scaring him off.
  • Self-defense training also includes how to break free from an attack.
  • Sign up for a school that teaches self-defense from the ground, since the first physical contact a man often has with his victim is that of slamming her to the ground.
  • If you can't afford both martial arts lessons and ballet lessons for your daughter-choose the martial arts.

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