The Five Funniest Movies About Home Break-Ins and Burglaries


The potential for laughter is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you're thinking about intruders hunting for valuables in your home or business, but that hasn't stopped some of the funniest movies around from exploring the lighter side of burglary. These five films are the cream of the crop when it comes to finding humor in home security.

Home Alone: A Clever Kid Foils Professional Thieves

When the McCallisters accidentally leave their eight-year-old son, Kevin, at home as they travel to Paris for the holidays, Kevin gets a taste of a homeowner's responsibilities, including defending his house from a couple of bungling robbers.

Kevin makes the most of his home field advantage by turning his house into a maze of hilarious booby traps. The would-be burglars meet their match as they get burnt, slip down icy stairs, are deprived of their shoes and forced to walk on caltrop-like Christmas ornaments, and are just generally beat up and abused. The police eventually show up and rescue the bandits from their pint-sized tormentor by ushering them to the relative comfort of jail.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: A Burglar Learns the Meaning of Christmas

Another movie about both Christmas and breaking and entering, this holiday classic is based on Dr. Seuss's book.

It tells the story of the Grinch, a lonely and resentful creature who decides to impersonate Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and sneak into homes of Whoville to steal the gifts and decorations that he thinks are the things that make Christmas so wonderful. The Grinch is confronted by Cindy Lou Who in the act of taking her Christmas tree away, but he manages to lie his way out of being discovered by claiming he's just taking the tree to fix a light on it.

When the Whos celebrate Christmas anyway, the Grinch has a realization that Christmas isn't in the things he stole, and he turns into a really nice and generous fellow.

The Big Lebowski: Mistaken Identity Leads to a Hilarious Romp Around California

The Dude, aka Jeff Lebowski, is relaxing in the tub when two thugs break into his home. Having mistaken him for another Lebowski, they threaten him and, shall we say, ruin his prized rug. The Dude goes on a mission to replace the rug that really tied the room together and asks the real Jeff Lebowski, a rich and powerful man, to replace it.

The Dude is dismissed by the angry Big Lebowski, but he leaves the Lebowski mansion with a rug of his choice. The Dude's life gets interesting as the Big Lebowski's rivals come after him, break into his home, steal his car, and generally make his life difficult. And all he wanted was a new rug.

Time Bandits: Little Burglars Star in a Fantastic Adventure

When Kevin gets sent to bed early one night, he's awoken by an armored knight on horseback who bursts out of his bedroom closet. Things only get stranger as a group of refugee dwarfs fleeing their master come through a time hole that just happens to be located in Kevin's bedroom.

The boy ends up being swept along with the friendly outlaws on a fantastic adventure across time that's funny and entertaining.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: A Crime Story With a British Flair

This fast-paced British crime caper revolves around the theft of two extremely valuable antique rifles.

Again, two hapless thugs are prowling in the home of the guns' owner when things begin to go wrong. The rifles change hands again and again until they eventually wind up in the hands of some desperate blokes who have no clue how much they're worth. The movie ends with a notoriously awkward moment that will leave you chuckling at the uncertain fate of the guns.

Burglary is no laughing matter when it happens in real life, but it can be good to find the funny side of home security by escaping into a great comedy. These films will help you do just that by looking at the unfortunate turns that come about when thieves go poking their noses where they don't belong.

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