Top 8 Ways to Protect your Home From Burglars


Burglars don't really care about where they break in, they just want an easy option. Here are the top 7 ways to protect your home from burglars.

1 - Think Like a Burglar Thinks

If you really want to protect your home, start thinking like a burglar. Start by locking yourself out, making sure there is someone there to let you back in, of course, and then start thinking about how you can get back in. This might mean kicking in a door or breaking a window or taking a crowbar to a windows frame. It might even mean grabbing your neighbor's ladder to get to the second floor porch. Look at windows, access points or even doors to see if you notice vulnerabilities. If you see anything, take care of it.

2 - Seek Out Burglar hideouts

You should also take a look at your property and look for places where a burglar can hide. Make sure the garage and shed is locked and secure, and that high hedges are trimmed. These are all good places for a burglar to stay safe while they plan their strike.

3 - Hide a Key is Dangerous

Many people like to keep keys in places such as under the keys or in the letterbox, flower box, under mats, fake rocks, inside wall lights etc. Burglars know they are there and will not hesitate to use them.

4 - Lived in Look

When you go away from your home, don't make it look like you are gone. Cancel the mail and newspapers and install an automatic timers to turn on the lights at night so it looks like someone is in the home. Also, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on things.

5 - Install Security Lights

You should also install motion-sensitive security lights near entry doors, but make sure to put them up high, as you don't want intruders to turn them off before attempting to burgle.

6 - Hide Ladders

If you have ladders on your property or even your neighbors property, make sure to hide and lock them. A ladder is a great tool for a burglar, so always keep them locked up. If there is no place to store the ladder, store it outside, but padlock it to a wall with brackets.

7 - Lock Windows

Contrary to the movies, burglars hate broken glass and try not to break it if possible. If you have windows that are accessible, they will often try to open it up in other ways. To combat this, fit all windows with locks, especially those that are easy to access from the ground.

8 - Alarm System

This is an essential part of a family's security strategy. Not having an alarm is thinking "It can't happen to me" which is living in denial.

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