Top Tips to Stop Break Ins While You Are on Vacation


When planning a vacation there are many things to consider beyond your packing and flight schedule. It's incredibly important to make sure that you've covered your bases at home to ensure that your property is safe while you're away. Make sure you take these top tips into consideration before leaving your home for a holiday.

Don't Let Deliveries Pile up on Your Doorstep

Call your post office and local newspapers and tell them to stop deliveries while you're away. Burglars can easily tell when a resident is on vacation if their mail starts piling up. If you don't call off your mail and other deliveries while out of town, ask a neighbor to take your mail and papers until you return.

Talk to a Neighbor about Taking out the Trash

If you're away for a few weeks, you may also want to ask a neighbor to take out your trash, and even use your garbage can. Semi-professional intruders tend to case their targets for a week or longer, and garbage pick-up may be something that they're looking out for. Perhaps your friendly neighbor will see the favor as an opportunity to clean house and take advantage of the extra bin space.

Timing Is Everything and Lighting Can Be Programmed

Lights can be put on timers and set to turn on and off while you vacation. This is a great way to throw burglars off, and fool them into thinking that someone is home. Sometimes seasoned criminals can pick up on this technique, so you may want to use a random setting if possible. Without a set schedule, the lights will appear to be used in a more natural way. You can also set the television and radio to turn on periodically while you're gone.

A Complete Lock Down and Walk Through

Make sure your home is locked and secure before you leave. This sounds simple, but it's an important item that should be on your checklist. Take an extra few minutes to go through your home and make sure that all the doors and windows are closed and locked up properly. If you have a monitored home security system, call your provider and let them know when you'll be away. This way they'll know that if an alarm triggers during that time they should dispatch police immediately.

Keep Your Plans on a Need to Know Basis

Another mistake that residents make before heading off on vacation is to announce it via email, or even on their answering machine. An automated response is great for work purposes, but you should never publicize the fact that you're going to be away from home on your personal email systems. The same goes for your voice mail. You never know who could be calling or emailing, and letting them know that you're out of town can lead to an avoidable home invasion.

Once you've packed your bags and protected your property, you'll be ready to head off on holiday with confidence. By taking these important steps while planning your vacation, you'll be able to enjoy your time away and relax knowing that your home is as secure as possible. When and if the time comes, be a good neighbor and return the favor. Having a close neighborhood community will only add to your feeling of security, and your quality of life.

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