Ultimate Guide to Home Security Monitoring


Before you purchase a home security monitoring system, it is important to know what you are signing up for. Find out what you want protected and see if the monitoring system can protect your home the way you want it to.

What is home security monitoring?

Home security monitoring is just what the title implies, a system that keeps an eye on your property. That includes more than just fire alarms sounding when food is overcooked in the oven. Depending on what package is purchased, a monitoring system watches over a home and notifies authorities in order to prevent damage and/or theft.

Do I need it?

That is up to you. Most home security companies recommend it because of the 24/7 protection it provides. If you have a home that you want to keep safe, security monitoring is a good idea.

Do I need a third party to monitor?

Purchasing a monitoring contract from a company is not the only way to monitor your home, you have other options. There are self-monitoring systems available through some home security providers. While this might be initially less expensive, it does come with serious risks. Make sure you understand the dangers of self-monitoring (embed link to other page) before taking that route.

What makes up a good monitoring system?

A good monitoring system is one that provides you with all the protection you need at a rate you are willing to pay. A good monitoring company will also assist you with question and concerns and will also provide you with updates and alerts concerning your home's security.

What can be monitored?

Anything that has a sensor can be monitored. There are fire, flood, carbon dioxide, and heat sensors that monitor the elements that could damage your home. Then there are motion sensors, as well as sensors on doors and windows, to protect your home from intruders. Before buying a monitoring package, make sure what you want protected is included.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Before purchasing a contract with a monitoring company, make sure you understand exactly what is being monitored. For instance, if you live in a dry area you need to make sure you have fire protection. If the burglary rate in your neighborhood is above average, make sure your monitoring system includes equipment such as sensors or cameras to ward off intruders. Basically, you need to make sure the monitoring system is providing you with appropriate protection.

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