Use Lighting To Ward Off Burglars


Lighting is one of many weapons against burglars. They may run from lights like a vampire runs from the sun. A professional burglar doesn't rely a whole lot on sight; he feels his way around in darkness and listens carefully. A sudden bright light turning on will send burglars bolting.

In general a well-lit house has no appeal to a burglar for two reasons; he doesn't know if anyone's home and he knows that outdoor lights will make it very hard to hide from neighbors.

To repel burglars, use automatic timed lighting for the interior and exterior. This tool can be controlled with your smartphone or computer, and remotely at that.

Lighting devices, which include flickering to mimic a TV, can also be activated when the sun goes down and with motion. Ideal locations are above doors and between houses. Depending on the make and model, the device can be set for a lower sensitivity so that night critters don't set them off.

Additional Tips

  • Install the devices high so that they can't be tampered with.
  • Exterior walkways should be lined with motion detecting lights. This also helps guard against trip-and-falls due to darkness.
  • The bigger your patio, the more lights should be installed.
  • Another crucial location for a motion detection light is above the garage.
  • All of these lights can be programmed to go on and off while you're away.
  • More advanced models will sound an alarm if the sensory field is tripped.
  • Lights can add an aesthetic component to a property. Don't assume that all security lights look like unsightly flood lights. They can have design and elegance to them.
  • For both indoor and outdoor automation, make sure that the timing is switched up every so often, or else someone who's been casing the house closely might notice that lights in specific rooms come on at the exact same time on the same days. Do not allow any predictable patterns to occur.

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