Vivint Sky Now Available to New Customers

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Easy to use home automation is turning into the holy grail for tech-based companies. Big-time players like Apple and Google are diligently working to come up with the best solution.

Vivint, a Utah based security and home automation company, is also competing in this space. Recently, the company launched Vivint Sky. Vivint Sky uses dozens of sensors, in addition to a thermostat, which monitors and controls not just your heating and air conditioning system, but also your home's lighting, door locks, small appliances, video cameras, and security systems.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.47.41 PMThe SkyControl panel has a 7 inch touchscreen as well as a hard drive based DVR to store video clips recorded by the system's surveillance cameras. Users can watch live streams from those cameras or watch recorded video. The control panel can communicate with Vivint servers even if a burglar cuts the power to your home.

However, having the ability to control basic home functions and store video is not exactly revolutionary. Vivint Sky will track a homeowners' activity patterns, analyze all this data, and then send the customer suggestions as to how they can improve the home's security and energy efficiency.

Over time the system will come to recognize patterns of activity. Vivint has come up with algorithms which run on their servers and are consistently analyzing all data collected within in the home. This app promises nearly instantaneous updates to any change in your home. If a locked door is unlocked, the app updates instantly and can send you a notification.

"It's a pretty exciting time," Todd Pederson,  Vivint co-founder and CEO, said. "The thing it will do is drive innovation and services in a way that makes peoples lives better."

The Vivint Sky home automation system is not included with regular Vivint home security plans. Consumers will have to pay additional fees in order to enjoy the benefits. Vivint Sky fees range from $53.99 to $69.00 a month with activation beginning at $99.  Only new customers at this point can get the Vivint Sky home automation system.

Other parts can be purchased along with the Vivint Sky system. Equipment such as: sensors, key fobs, electronic door locks, cameras, lighting controls, and other components can be purchased separately.


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