Vivint Works to Revolutionize Home Automation

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One app to unlock your door, another app to turn on and off your lights and yet another app to control your thermostat. What if you could do all of this with one app?

Vivint is launching Vivint Sky, a hub, that will allow you to do all these things and control a security camera from one app. It is not unlike what Apple and Google are doing with their smart home systems.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.49.38 PMVivint Sky will analyze the patterns of the home owner over a period of time. Eventually, Vivint Sky will be able to help the users make changes and improve in order to save money on utilities.

"Vivint Sky transforms the home automation experience by providing an unprecedented level of control over the home," Todd Pedersen, co-founder and CEO of Vivint, said. "While we have more than 800,000 consumers already using our home automation technology, this is just the beginning."

The system gets "smarter" the longer you use it. The system might suggest you lower the thermostat at home while you are at the office but it also might suggest you lock the front door, the one you forgot to lock in your rush to get to work. Vivint Sky can be accessed by iOS, Android or from a desktop computer.

However, Vivint Sky requires that a home owner use their software and hardware. Users will have to get rid of whatever equipment they were using before in order to implement and maximize it to its full use.

The Vivint Sky equipment will be installed by their technicians and users will be charged a monthly service fee. The service has four tiers of use, ranging from $54 to $70 a month after a one time $99 activation fee.

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